NYYM Yearbooks


New York Yearly Meeting publishes annual books of record that record the activities of the yearly meeting and its committees.

Time period: Yearbooks are published in October and cover the year beginning with Fall Sessions in November, and ending with Summer Sessions.

Content: Yearbooks include the following information:

  • Minutes of the Fall, Spring, and Summer Sessions.
  • The Epistle sent to Friends everywhere from Summer Sessions.
  • Yearly meeting finances, including:
    • The Operating Budget,
    • The Treasurer's Accounts,
    • The Funds Reports.
  • Reports of the Committees of the yearly meeting.
  • A list of Friends under Appointment to NYYM Committees.
  • The Statistical Report.
  • Local Meeting Information and Appointments.
  • An Alphabetical Listing of Friends under appointment.

Online edition. The online editions of the Yearbooks differ from the print edition in the following ways:

  • Fiannces. The finances section is available on the private website; viewing it requires registering with the site and then logging in.
  • Alpha listing. We do not publish the alphabetical listing of Friends under appointment to committees online to protect Friends' privacy, as it includes contact information. Please see the print edition for this information.
  • Local meeting contacts. Likewise, we do not publish the local meeting information online. Please see the Worship With Us section of this website to contact a meeting or consult the print edition for this information.