NYYM Finances

A portal into the finances of New York Yearly Meeting.


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The Numbers

The Budget Process

Our Funds

About Supporting New York Yearly Meeting

  • What Your Gifts Support—A guide to the ministries, programs, and services that your individual contributions and your meeting's covenant donations support.
  • Ways that Members and Meetings Support NYYM—as individuals and families, as meetings, and through volunteering, committee service, and ministry; plus giving itself as a ministry.

The Budget Process

How the budget is developed

The budget is developed annually in a five-step process that begins with the yearly meeting committees, is reviewed by the yearly meeting's coordinating committees and representatives from local meetings, and is approved by the gathered body of the yearly meeting at Fall Sessions. The whole process is reviewed by the Leadings and Priorities Working Group.

NYYM's Financial Structure

The finances of the yearly meeting are managed by:

NYYM Funds

The Operating Fund and Annual Appeal

Your donations to the Annual Appeal supplement your meeting's covenant donation to the yearly meeting's Operating Fund and support the many ministries of the yearly meeting and the services it provides to local Friends and meetings.

The Sharing Fund and Sharing Fund Appeal

The Sharing Fund supports the witness ministries of the yearly meeting's witness committees, and, through the Witness Activities Fund (see below), the witness activities of individual Friends and local meetings.

The Witness Activities Fund

The Witness Activities Fund provides grants to NYYM committees and individual Friends and meetings for witness ministry.

The Trustee-managed Funds

The Trustees of New York Yearly Meeting manage funds that were established through the bequests of Friends now deceased. The use of some of these funds is restricted—mandated by the terms of the bequest; some are unrestricted. The income from some funds flows into the operating fund; grants from some funds are open to application by individual Friends and/or by meetings.