NYYM State of Society Reports

What is a State of Society Report?



Each year, New York Yearly Meeting writes a State of Society Report that seeks to express the spiritual condition of the yearly meeting over the past year. The Report is written by the State of Society Report Committee under the care of Ministry Coordinating Committee (MCC).



In the fall of each year, MCC prepares queries designed to be used by local meetings to draft their state of the meeting reports. The State of Society Report Committee collects the responses and uses these as a foundation for the State of the Society Report. This is brought to MCC for review at Spring Sessions and a final draft is brought to Summer Sessions for final approval and reading before the gathered body. The State of Society Report is included in each year's Yearbook.
    Read the full section on state of meeting reports in Faith and Practice.
    See also the glossary of Quaker terms.


Your Meeting's Report for 2020

  • Process Document - suidance, submission instructions, recommended practices, and helpful links

  • Letter with queries for your consideration as you write your State of the Meeting Report

  • Data Survey - In order to present the most specific and accurate Monthly Meeting data, we ask for a Monthly Meeting or Worship Group representative to complete this short survey.

  • Questions? Email the State of Society Committee: state-of-society@nyym.org.


NYYM State of Society Reports