Quakers share a common faith, based on experience, that every human being can commune with God directly, without the need for any mediating persons or rituals, and that the worshiping community can commune directly with God, as well.

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Three times a year, for a weekend each in fall and spring and for a week in summer, New York Yearly Meeting (NYYM) Friends gather to worship, conduct business, and form a community together. NYYM is the organization that gathers together the Quaker congregations in New York State, northern New Jersey, and southwestern Connecticut.


2021 Interest Groups

Interest groups can be transformative for the participants and the community. They provide a place for like-minded Friends to come together, for differences to be explored, for finding common ground, for deepening knowledge and understanding, for play or drama or comedy, for movement or stillness. Interest Groups can be light and lively or scholarly and academic, intensive or relaxed, intellectual or physical, or any combination.

Visit nyym.org/interest-groups for descriptions, details, and the registration form for 2021 Interest Groups.


Statement on Anti-Asian Violence 

This is work for all of us, no matter our skin color, gender, or cultural orientation. Spirit tells us we are one, we all have the Light within us, we are all connected. As we deepen our listening, let us ask ourselves:  how can I become more aware, how can I prepare myself to act, what actions are mine to do?

Please visit nyym.org/AAPI-statement to read the full statement.


Press Release: NY, NJ, and CT Quakers Condemn Anti-Asian Violence

Anti-Asian violence is anathema to Quaker beliefs of equality, justice, and peace

[April 2, 2021; New York, NY] New York Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) strongly condemns recent anti-AAPI (Asian American and Pacific Islander) violence. The recent shooting of eight people – six of them women of Asian descent – in Atlanta has made this urgent declaration necessary. The racial and misogynist aspects of this crime cannot be ignored. Quakers cannot be silent in the face of anti-AAPI violence or allow anti-Asian bias to permeate our society.

Click here to read the full text


COVID-19: Resources for Friends and Meetings

Although many of our local meetings are practicing Social Distancing, there are still many opportunities to practice our faith through worship, community building, and service. Please visit our COVID-19: Resources Friends and meetings for more information.

Looking for your local worship? Click Here to see which local Meetings are hosting online worship, and how to join!