Travel Minute: Don Badgley

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Poughkeepsie Friends Meeting

249 Hooker Avenue, Poughkeepsie NY 12603


Travel Minute for Don Badgley

December 13, 2015

Don Badgley, a member in good standing at Poughkeepsie Monthly Meeting, has brought forward a calling to travel in ministry, to share the “good news” of experiential faith. This ministry comes from a deeply personal spiritual place. His leading is to do outreach among Friends and in communities beyond meeting house doors to share the experience of that “place” of faith. He is hoping to encourage Friends to find more ways to express to the world their experiences of the Divine Light and to reach others by pointing to the Divine Light that guides Friends.

Don has received the call to travel in ministry with the understanding that as Friends we are called to preach and share the truth we discern under the guidance of the Divine Light. He will travel as led in waiting worship and by invitation. 

Poughkeepsie Friends Meeting supports Don in his leading to travel in this ministry. The Meeting understands that the content of his ministry, which builds on his plenary message at NYYM in July 2015, will evolve as he continues to discern his leading. The Meeting continues to encourage Don to diligently seek and follow the leading of the Spirit during this ministry. Don will travel with an elder whenever possible, to assist in seasoning his ministry and being attentive to the needs and concerns of those with whom he meets. The Meeting also encourages those who receive this ministry to do so with the same diligence in seeking to discern where the Spirit may be leading them as individuals and as communities.

Yours faithfully for Poughkeepsie Monthly Meeting,