Fall Sessions 2018

Friday, November 9, 2018 - 6:00pm to Sunday, November 11, 2018 - 12:00pm
Rochester, NY - Holiday Inn Rochester
70 State Street
14614 Rochester , NY

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The 2018 NYYM Fall Sessions is being hosted by Farmington-Scipio Regional Meeting (FSRM). We invite and encourage as many Friends as possible to come and share the worship and the fellowship of the gathered Yearly Meeting. The FSRM Host Task Group has been hard at work creating a cohesive program for all participants centering especially around the Commemoration of the 224th Anniversary of the Canandaigua Treaty, celebrated every November 11th. We encourage all participants — especially our young Friends — to attend the commemoration events on Sunday. We’ll have more information online on how that will fit within our schedule as plans progress.


We’ll begin with dinner on Friday evening and a multigenerational presentation, “Quakers, Indigenous Peoples and the Land” by Mattie Schmitt and Mike Farrell of the Rochester Friends Meeting. Please join us!


We ask that you forward any NYYM Fall Sessions email announcements to your Meeting’s email list to encourage everyone to participate. Keep in mind that those who feel led to attend may require Meeting assistance, both financial and physical.


PLEASE NOTE, we are asking for a “Suggested Registration Fee” in an effort to make our Yearly Meeting sessions even more affordable. Those who can pay more than the suggested amount are encouraged to do so, via the Equalization Fund donation line, to help offset those who cannot. Please do not let money stand between you and attending Fall Sessions! Pay what you can for registration and meals, and request Equalization Funds for what you cannot pay. We need your presence to be complete.



2018 NYYM Fall Sessions Venue & Hospitality

Fall Sessions will be held entirely in the Holiday Inn Rochester, 70 State Street, Rochester NY 14614.  We have a small block of rooms reserved as part of our conference reservation. Reserving a Room at Holiday Inn Rochester Downtown: Our three-letter reservation code is "RSF" -- this code can be used to make reservations online at https://www.ihg.com/holidayinn/hotels/us/en/rochester/rocny/hoteldetail OR call the Toll Free Reservation number 1-800-315-2621 and mention code RSF or Religious Society of Friends.  The block is just for Checking in November 9th / Checking out November 11th. Anyone wanting to arrive earlier or stay longer will need to contact Melanie-Claire to arrange a room rate adjustment for the additional nights.. We are also soliciting hospitality options from local Friends for Friday and/or Saturday nights on a first-to-ask, first-assigned basis. Finally, assistance with finding a motel or other accommodation can be requested. Our Hospitality Coordinator is Bronwyn Mohlke, you can email her at FallSessions2018@gmail.com.


2018 NYYM Fall Sessions Youth Program with Rebekah Tanner

For all teens, ages 13-17


Youth Program Description for Saturday: Words Matter

A day long experience of examining and engaging with Local and Indigenous Knowledge Systems. What we say, and the words we select to say it, matter. The more clarity demonstrated in our choice of words, the better we will be able to represent our ideas to others and the better they will be able to understand us. When persons of differing perspectives interact together, it is especially important to be sure what has been said by one is what is understood by the other. Because this has so often failed to occur in the shared history of Euro-Americans and Native Americans, the consequences have far too frequently been tragic and traumatic. High stakes decisions and nation-to-nation treaties have failed to meet with success, because of such misunderstandings. By actively engaging through dialog, activities and media presentations we will consider what Local and Indigenous Knowledge Systems might have to offer Quaker youth as they face their own personal, educational, and other high stakes decisions and how best to articulate their thoughts about those decisions to others.


On FRIDAY, the teens will join the evening presentation by Mattie Schmitt and Mike Farrell and on SUNDAY, the teens will take a bus to Canandaigua in the morning to participate in the events surrounding the Commemoration of the 224th Anniversary of the Canandaigua Treaty. We’ll have more details on those events online!


Biographical Statement: Rebekah Tanner

Sad things happen. For many years, decades, I carried the weight of mourning and loss. Then, as I allowed myself to be welcomed into a community composed of many, sometimes overlapping, communities, I realized I had found the source of my joy. It is in the small beauties that so obviously reveal themselves when, minute by minute, I mindfully observe all that surrounds me, with eyes of optimism. In my art making, care giving, information and resource sharing, faith practice, and all of the many aspects that make up my life, I attempt to capture and create those small beauties. Whenever possible (and appropriate), I also like to throw in touches of color and humor.


Background Statement: Raised in NY State, Rebekah is of mixed race-ethnicity including ancestors who were Eastern European (Ukraine), Wyandotte (also known as Huron / Wendat / Wandat / Wyandot), and Anglo-Scots immigrants of the colonial period; and whose religions were Jewish, Protestant and Native Traditional (The Good Mind). She is not an enrolled member of any of the four nations that make up the modern Wendat Confederacy as her Native American ancestors refused to be removed from Ohio under President Jackson’s “west of the Mississippi” policies during the 1840s. They remained in Franklin County, Ohio — undocumented and “hidden in plain sight,” some later moving to central Illinois. Rebekah has two grown foster children, is well educated, a convinced Quaker since 1980, married, and a recently retired “information professional.”


Children’s Program

Children between the ages of -0- and 12 will be provided with a baby sitter and or a Friendly Adult Presence during meeting and committee times. Parents are responsible for their children during meals. Please note your needs on the registration form, which must be received by October 22nd to be included in the Children’s Program arrangements. For the younger children, please plan to bring your child’s favorite snacks, a few toys, and a change of clothing / diapers. If appropriate, the participants of the Children’s Program will also get on the bus to Canandaigua on Sunday morning. Deciding this option will require a one-on-one face-to-face discussion with each child and parent.


We always welcome Friendly Adult Presences (FAPs)! We especially need overnight FAPs and Sunday Going to Canandaigua FAPs. All volunteers who would like to work with children and youth must complete a CHILD PROTECTION REGISTRATION FORM online. Contact the Youth Program Coordinator and Melanie-Claire Mallison to FAP!


Medical Form

A medical form must be completed for all children and youth attending sessions in addition to the registration form. The medical form is available on the NYYM website (http://nyym.org/committee/sessions-committee, or download here).


Registration; Due Monday, October 22nd

You may register in one of two ways. Either fill out the paper registration form on the back page of the latest Spark and mail it to Bronwyn Mohlke along with your check made out to NYYM OR you can register online at http://nyym.org/content/fall-sessions-2018-registration.  If you register online, you may choose to mail a check or pay online. The registration deadline is Monday, October 22nd.

Committee Meeting Space and Display Space

Requests for committee meeting space and display space should be directed to Melanie-Claire Mallison.



We ask participants to consider their environmental impact when attending any NYYM gathering. Carpool with other attendees from your area, for instance, using the most fuel-efficient vehicle of the group. Bring a travel mug and water bottle with you—some even bring their own utensils and plates! Bring a warm sweater, so that we don’t have to turn up the heat in the entire building for the comfort of two or three people. Instead of printing out the advance documents, save them to your computer or tech device and read them electronically. If you do print them out, be sure to share! Return your nametag holder when you last leave the venue, so they can be used again. Whatever ways you can think of to lower your carbon footprint, to reduce and reuse, will be greatly appreciated.


FSRM Host Task Group

Melanie-Claire Mallison, Bronwyn Mohlke, Dawn Pozzi, Rebekah Tanner



We have many opportunities for participants to volunteer. Please consider spending a few hours of your time (or more!) to help us host the Yearly Meeting Sessions. We primarily need folks to open their homes to our participants. Many of our attenders cannot afford to stay at the hotel and so they depend on our generosity in sharing our living spaces.  Bronwyn Mohlke is coordinating host offers and hospitality requests, so please email her as soon as possible to help out. She has a form for you to fill out to facilitate matching requests to hosts. If you are interested in any of the other volunteering opportunities (greeters, registration table, microphone runners, clean up, etc.) please contact Melanie-Claire – she has a volunteer google doc to share.


We look forward to welcoming you to Fall Sessions!





6:00-6:30p, Registration

(Friends can set up their display tables during this time if they’d like)

6:30-7:30p, Buffet Dinner

7:30-9:00p, Quakers, Indigenous Peoples and the Land

Quakers served as witnesses to the Canandaigua Treaty of 1794, polishing the chain of friendship between the Iroquois and Quakers that dates back to 1682. After briefly outlining how greed for land in Pennsylvania and New York strained this friendship historically, Mattie Schmitt and Mike Farrell, of the Rochester Friends Meeting, and Michelle Schenandoah, JD & LL.M. (Oneida-Wolf Clan, thought leader, writer and consultant), will lead a discussion of how Quakers can be friends and allies of Indigenous peoples in the 21st century. Sponsored by 1816 Farmington Quaker Meetinghouse with support from NYYM Indian Affairs Committee, and by Rochester Friends Meeting.



8:00-9:00a, Registration, display set-up, and continental breakfast

8:00a-9:00p, Youth Program thru-out the day

9:00-9:45a, Meeting for Worship

10:00a-12:00p, Children’s Program

10:00a-12:00p, Meeting for Worship with a Concern for Business

12:15-1:15p, Buffet Lunch

1:30-6:00p, Children’s Program joins Youth Program for Arts & Crafts

1:30-3:30p, Meeting for Worship with a Concern for Business

3:45-4:45p, Committee Meetings [Section 1]

5:00-6:00p, Committee Meetings [Section 2]

6:00-7:00p, Buffet Dinner

7:00-9:00p, Coordinating Committee Meetings

(Coordinating Committees are welcome to begin meeting over dinner.
Please let Melanie-Claire know if you would like to take advantage of this option.)

7:00p, Youth Program – Movie Night! (In Youth Suite)



7:30-8:30a, Registration and continental breakfast

8:30a, Children’s and Youth Program participants leave for Canandaigua*

8:30-9:30a, Meeting for Worship

9:45a-12:00p, Meeting for Worship with a Concern for Business

12:00-1:00p, Lunch (Box lunches. Friends are welcome to stay or grab-n-go)

* Youth Program parents are asked to meet their child(ren) in Canandaigua.
But all transportation details are open to discussion as youth register!

1:00-2:00p, Clean up, pack up displays, head for Canandaigua!