H. Representative Meeting Renamed

In July 2007 New York Yearly Meeting minuted “Friends approved renaming Representative and Annual Meetings to Spring, Summer, and Fall Sessions.”

New York Yearly Meeting transacts its business—both spiritual and practical—during three gatherings, called Sessions; an annual week-long Sessions and two weekend-long Sessions. All Friends, attenders, and seekers are urged to attend Summer Sessions the last full week in July, Fall Sessions (typically held two weekends before Thanksgiving), and Spring Sessions (typically held the first weekend of April, unless that is Easter weekend, in which case Spring Sessions is held the second weekend of April). Responsibility for organizing the Spring and Fall Sessions is rotated among regional meetings.

Additional changes that have evolved from renaming have not been formally addressed. This text is included for historical reference, pending formal action by yearly meeting to reflect ongoing practice experience:

ORGANIZATION. Each monthly or executive meeting appoints at least one and not more than three representatives for terms of three years, during the spring quarter of the year. The clerk and treasurer of the yearly meeting and the clerks of the yearly meeting section coordinating committees or their alternates are members of the representative meeting.

If a named representative cannot attend the representative meeting, the appointing meeting should name an alternate at the earliest possible time and notify the yearly meeting office.

The yearly meeting clerk presides at sessions of the representative meeting, with the yearly meeting assistant, reading, and recording clerks to assist in the conduct of the meetings and recording of their proceedings.

MEETINGS. Meetings of the representative meeting occur at least twice a year, at such time and place as the representative meeting may fix, and may be continued by adjournment. Special meetings may take place upon the call of any five named representatives upon ten days’ notice by mail, telephone, or telegram to all members.